Services + Opportunities 

At Fawkes and Holly, we specialize in non-profit communications and fundraising for small shops, as well as in coaching, strategy development and support for individuals who raise their own salaries. Our services are diverse and aimed at tackling small non-profits’ biggest funding challenges head-on. Every opportunity is customizable, so let’s chat about what you need to make your dreams come true.

Development Audit
Taking into account your organization’s unique history, resources, context and expectations, our development audits are a deep dive into how to jump start your fundraising program quickly and effectively.

Development Plan + Calendar
We’ll work with your team to understand your organization’s unique position and where you want to (and need to) go next. Using all the information, we will create a development plan with 6 - 12 clear strategies for success that are tailored to your team and the capacity you have for fundraising. All our plans come with an accompanying calendar that outlines a clear set of tactics for each strategy. These tactics are spread out over the 12-month period in a clear, easy-to-use checklist so you can bring your fundraising program to life.

We love empowering our clients to be successful. Through a structured program for your whole team or an on-demand program just for you, we’ll come alongside and coach you in all things fundraising. We bring accountability, structure and experience to you and your team as you tackle the day-to-day challenges of engaging your donors, finding new supporters and battling the competing priorities of non-profit work.

Non-Profit Support Services
Non-profit teams are lean machines and sometimes you just need a little extra muscle. You can count on Fawkes + Holly to support your team of staff or volunteers by taking on big projects you don’t have time for such as creating a case for support or spearheading your website redevelopment.

Priority Client Partnership
For a select group of priority clients, we offer everything above and more. With a proposal tailored specifically for you, we’ll come alongside your team to write and execute your development plan. We’ll coach you as needed and execute on a range of marketing and fundraising tasks. If necessary, we’ll rally together a team of trusted vendors to support you and make sure everything you need done comes to life.

Hear what people are saying: 

From day one, Fawkes & Holly just seemed to ‘get’ us – the heart of our organization, our dreams, our successes and also our struggles. It’s true that sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees, but Fawkes & Holly has helped us to see BOTH the small details and the big picture of our fund development and communications plan. Janet and Leigh are a real dynamic duo in consulting who have shared immense skill, instinct and experience, all the while helping our team members to grasp the value of their roles. And the results are truly amazing!
— MaryAnne Connor Rev, RPC, NightShift Street Ministries
Fawkes + Holly have been transformative for our organization. Not only have they crafted our fund development messaging and strategy, they have also taken responsibility for the critical aspect of implementation. Without their efforts, guidance and enthusiasm, we would really have struggled to take our organization to the next level. They have become a key part of our growth strategy going forwards.
— Nick Bedford, Yo Bro | Yo Girl Youth Initiative
I would absolutely recommend Fawkes + Holly to any organization looking to make key advances with their communications. This team hones and propels your message at an exceptional level.
— Majka Burhardt, Legado
It’s been so helpful to work with Fawkes + Holly and receive a strategy tailored to our organizational culture, goals, and activities. Janet and Leigh were awesome to work with and we’d gladly recommend them to others.
— Katie, SAD MAG
Fawkes + Holly perfectly complement my strengths - they literally help me make my dreams a reality. My head is full of creative ideas but I don’t often know how to translate them into the real world. Fawkes + Holly work with me in creating weekly manageable tasks that are allow me to feel like I’m making progress.
— Cody, Athletes in Action
We not only met our goals but well exceeded our optimistic projection. This is in large part due to Fawkes + Holly’s help crafting the giving portion of our evening. They helped keep the speech brisk, the ask direct, and the donation process smooth.
— Joel, ACTS