Vancouver Water Bash,
ACTS Premier Fundraising Event

As a smaller NGO with limited experience or in-house expertise coordinating successful fundraising events, we needed on-demand ideas and advice on best practices from someone who has been there for our 2nd annual Vancouver Water Bash. F+H came alongside and provided exactly that.
— Nate Lepp, Executive Director
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What we loved about this project

Our favourite part about this project was supporting ACTS to create their first Impact Auction - a chance for guests to give directly to a water project alongside their peers and friends. This was a bold choice, and the ACTS team was all in. Together we crafted a message for the Impact Auction that was powerful, effective and inspiring and, in the end, it had amazing results!

What the numbers say

ACTS’ first Water Bash event in 2014 raised a net revenue of $11,000 from 200 guests. In 2015 they set an ambitious goal of netting $24,000, more than double the previous year.  With F + H by their side, ACTS smashed their goal, and raised $31,700 from 185 guests. With a generous gift from a matching donor, the total raised was over $63,000. 

F+H made all the difference, advising on format, messaging, delivery and logistics of ‘the ask’ for our Impact Auction. We were blown away by the response, and heard from many guests that it was their favourite part of the evening.
— Joel Bentley, Operations & Communications Lead

*photo credit: Sharalee Prang Photography