Impactful, Effective Stewardship:
Union Gospel Mission

Janet and Leigh are extremely strategic and have made a tremendous impact on UGM’s mid-level program. They analyzed our data, donor touchpoints and communications calendar to craft a much more intentional stewardship strategy. And, did it ever work! We have deeper engagement with our donors, and have identified significantly more prospects for major giving than ever before.
— Chris Mah, Manager of Strategy + Direct Marketing
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What we loved about this project

Union Gospel Mission gave us a chance to flex our muscles and build a strong cultivation program for mid-level donors. Over the course of two years, we built a proven pipeline to the organization’s major gift program by developing targeted stewardship and accountability pieces, unique engagement opportunities, and strategic appeals to identify donors with significant capacity and interest in giving more. 

What the numbers say

Our time at UGM taught us that personal, intentional stewardship is an invaluable tool for an organization to retain and upgrade donors, and that there are countless creative ways to capture donors’ hearts, minds and loyalty that are simple and cost-effective.  With a retention rate of over 70% and a calendar of engagement events that see over half of attendees upgrading their giving, the mid-level portfolio at UGM is thriving.

All our metrics improved. Gifts which had been growing at a rate of 2.1% increased to 6% in the first year and 11.5% in the second year. Revenue which had been growing at 1.8% per year jumped to 7% and then 14.3% in the second year. Because of Janet and Leigh, UGM has been able to help change more lives in Metro Vancouver.
— Chris Mah, Manager of Strategy + Direct Marketing