Giving Back:The Lipstick Project

The perfect balance of hard-working diligence and light-hearted play...the right mix of black and white numbers and brilliant colours. F+H know how to exceed expectations in the most natural, organic ways. They excel in collaborative teamwork and will make sure all parties involved are essential and engaged. Their spirited energy, authentic creativity and professional dynamics are of utmost value for any organization. You will want them to be by your side again and again!
— Holly Chan Yip, Director of Community Partnerships

What we loved about this project.

EVERYTHING. Seriously, we love everything about The Lipstick Project. But we're a little biased, it's our baby. From leadership to fundraising strategy, public relations, on and offline communications and governance, TLP has F + H all over it. Leigh founded the organization in 2012 to provide compassionate, creative care to people in hospices and hospitals. We've grown a little since then, and this year we will be celebrating our 1,000th free, professional spa service! 

What the numbers say.

The Lipstick Project has been driven primarily by people power, not money. But in 2015 we hired our very first part-time staff person, growing our annual budget from $10,000 to over $30,000. Through a strong monthly giving program, community partnerships and a foundation grant, we've established a fundraising program that can growth with the organization.